Targeted Species                       



The unique combination of year-round warm water, brackish rivers and backcountry bays, mangroves, oysters, estuaries, forage, and moving water, makes Southwest Florida one of the leading fisheries for Snook in the World. These crafty fish are are tough fighters, leaping out of the water when hooked, then usually heading for structure to cut off your line in retribution for hooking them. They are fast, weary, and have upward looking eyes that don't miss much - One of the greatest sport fish that near shore angling has to offer.


Redfish love the warm waters of Pine Island Sound , the oyster beds, mangroves, and grassy flats are their regular haunts. In fact, Pine Island Sound is world famous for Redfish fishing. They are prolific, and definitely not timid when it comes to eating - Which makes them a great sport fish for light tackle and fly fishing. Redfish are often seen "tailing" (very similar to bonefish) on the shallow flats as they feed. And a well placed cast, which is right on their nose, is rarely refused. They pull hard and often make several runs, the second and third sometimes longer than the first.

Tarpon, also known as the “silver king”, is targeted in Pine Island Sound and along the Southwest Florida coast. During their spring migration, large tarpon up to 175 pounds regularly make a voyage up the West Coast of Florida including through SW Florida. Resident, smaller tarpon or “baby tarpon” ranging up to 50 pounds spend their time in the quiet backwaters of the mangroves. Once hooked and fighting, these baby tarpon seem to spend more time out of the water than in. Revered for their acrobatics and power, tarpon are high on everyone’s list of angling targets.








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